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Vital Martial Arts World Cup Medal Contenders

Vital Martial Arts in Barwell took a team of 7 to the ICO British Open Championships in Birmingham in March. All 7 students performed to a very high standard and did themselves and the club proud.

Gemma Peck British Champion Japanese Kata, Aiden Yarwood British Champion -85kg Ring Continuous, Charlotte Gardner Silver Medal -65kg Points Fighting, Robyn Watret Bronze Medal -65kg Mat Light Continuous, Elisa Watret 4th Place -55kg Mat Light Continuous, Georgia Gardner and Amber Mai Downs not placing on this occasion but gaining from the experience.

Gemma, Aiden, Charlotte, Robyn and Elisa have qualified for the ICO World Cup in Birmingham and the Unified World Championships in Carrara Tuscany Italy in October this year.

As a coach you want to see your students compete against the best in the country and at world level, at Vital Martial Arts we are all very proud of what has been achieved so far this will be an amazing experience for them.

Training has started and we have ICO England squad training session once a month and at three hours long, these session are design to mentally prepare everyone and to build a good team spirit. The training program has started in time to ensure they peak for the challenge ahead.

Sensei Walter commented ‘I believe that all five will do their very best and have every chance of bringing home some medals but the most important thing for me is that they enjoy the experience and do themselves proud’.

During the summer Vital Martial Arts will be raising funds to cover the costs so if anyone would be interested in sponsoring the Vital Martial Art team or donating any gift’s for fundraising events, then please contact Walter Surgeon for further information on 07903572174.

Vital Martial Arts, Unit 12 Konfidence Works, Arthur Street, Barwell, LE98GZ


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Fighter’s prepare to taking on the world!

Vital Martial Arts – Training For Gold in 2015

Vital Martial Arts – Training for Gold

Although the weather is cooling a bit, Vital Martial Arts will be keeping the temperature high with explosive energetic classes throughout the week. Whatever Martial Arts class you come along to (Sport Karate, Kickboxing, Little Ninja, Fitness class) they will all take you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Challenge yourself each and every time you train to get the most you can out of your session.  Call any of the instructors on 01455 698863 or catch up outside of class to chat about your progress.

The focus these next few weeks is on some of our Little Ninjas (3 to 6 years old) as they take that next step and move on up to Ninja Stars (5 – 7 years old).  The Vital instructors are looking forward to seeing the new Stars take on their next challenge as they start the progression from our pre-school programme onto their Martial Arts journey to Black Belt.

Martial Arts Journey




Due to the increase of the Ninja Stars, an additional Stars class has been added to the timetable on Fridays at 4pm.  This martial arts class is available to all students aged between five to seven years old.  Vital Martial Arts is offering a FREE trial class to all new students.  Call 01455 698863 to book your FREE trial class.


Vital News

Wednesday 08-April-15 – Activity Day at Vital Martial Arts – Time: 09:00 – 15:00

This activity day will include a trip to the cinema and then back to the dojo to enjoy multiple fun and martial arts games.  All instructors and assistants are CRB Enhanced checked, insured and first aid trained.

Vital Martial Arts offers loads of different types of activity days throughout the year, both in the school holidays and half terms.  Catch up with the instructors or check back to the website to see forthcoming events.


Saturday 11-April-15 – Sensei Walter’s Wolf Run Challenge

Commiserate with Sensei Walter as he faces his first muddy challenge of 2015 – The Wolf Run.

Sensei Walter is one of a team running in a series of these events throughout the year in a bid to raise money for ‘Help the Heroes’ and any donation is kindly received

The Wolf Run is a physical and mental challenge across open ground and through woodland.  There are a series of physical challenges using man-made obstacles with the run course also featuring a huge number of nature’s finest obstacles, from lake swims to mud pits, fallen trees, boggy ground, ditches, hills and dense foliage.

Check back for images from the day!


Saturday 18-April-15 – Little Ninja Grading

Time: 12:00 to 12:45

The grading will be held at the Barwell academy and the children will be given their new belts and certificates there and then. So bring along friends and family members to share your child’s achievement and please don’t forget your cameras.

Saturday 18-April-15 – Martial Arts Grading – White Belt to Orange Belt – Time: 13:00 -14:00

Saturday 18-April-15 – Martial Arts Grading – Green Belt Onwards – Time: 14:00 – 16:30

The grading will be held at the Barwell Academy and all students must wear their full uniforms and current belts to enable them to grade.  The presentation of the belts and certificates will be held straight after the grading.


Timetable Changes April 2015

Vital Martial Arts are doing a bit of spring cleaning and making a few changes to the timetable.  Effective from Tuesday 7th April we are introducing / replacing some classes.

18:30   Tuesday – HIIT Zone

18:30   Thursday – Sparring

16:00   Friday – Ninja Stars


TUESDAY 18:30 – 19:00 – HIIT ZONE

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fantastic way to lose weight without losing muscle tone or mass.  This 30 minute workout has high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods.  Burn fat up to 48 hours after this time efficient workout.